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i have never been so upset about a fav like this?

basically what she’s saying is, call her by her right nationality. why every time it’s poc in america, they’re recognized by their descent? it’s always african-american or asian-american when most of the people getting called that haven’t even been to their descendant country. why do we have to be called our race followed by “-american” while white people don’t? you don’t hear white people calling themselves poland-american or irish-american. and you wanna know why? because that’s another way white people try to separate themselves from us, try to be on a higher level than us. they always want to be on top and look down on us. so that’s why they identify us minorities in that way. so raven isn’t shaming herself in any type of way, she just doesn’t wanna be identified in their way.

like its only america that does it too?? I never hear someone calling themselves African-British or asian-Italian.?????

Maybe I should start referring to myself as German-British-Irish-Scottish-Polish-Russian-Native-ethnicitylosttothedepthsoftime-American then? Or we could just all call ourselves American and start down the road of healing the hurt of racial divides. Which is what I suspect part of Raven’s point is.

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Anonymous asked:

i am a (female) feminist. at work, my (male) coworker and I have the EXACT same job. I get all of my work done with more precision and time to spare, as opposed to my coworker. I GET PAID LESS THAN HIM BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. I won't even get into all the ridiculous misogyny in other parts of the world besides North America that you either refuse to acknowledge, or don't think is real. it's real, and feminism needs to exist in everybody's mind, actions and words.






Prove it. Submit pictures of your hours worked and your paychecks. Prove it. that is all. FUCKING PROVE IT. Come off anon and fucking PROVE IT.

This blog is gold
Come back when you understand what “internalized” misogyny is and when you graduate from middle school

First of all, come back when you realize what “you’re a fucking idiot” means because im gonna say it to you.

Third, I am a twenty year old female, graduated from highschool with a fucking job.

Third… *sigh*

Top Five Jobs Women Take:

  1. Secretaries and administrative assistants
  2. Registered nurses
  3. Elementary and middle school teachers
  4. Cashiers
  5. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

Top Five Jobs Men Take

  1. Construction
  2. Engineering
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Firemen
  5. Electricians

Lets look at the yearly salaries for women’s top five jobs:

  1. $50,220 X
  2. $67,930 X
  3. E: $51,380 X [] M: $51,960 X
  4. $20,370 X
  5. N: $24,010 X [] P:$26,880 X [] HH: $20,170 X

Now lets look at the yearly salaries for men’s top five jobs:

  1. $28,410 X
  2. $119,260 X
  3. $55,010 X
  4. $45,250 X
  5. $53,030 X

As you can see, men lead in all but one category. Construction. Why do the male jobs pay more? Lets find out shall we?

Occupational hazards of women’s top jobs:

  1. Secretaries and administrative assistants X
    • Muscle strain from lifting phones and typing
    • Risk of stapling
    • Working in a cold office increases muscle tension and encourages poor working posture as you huddle trying to stay warm.
  2. Registered nurses X
    • Can be exposed to contagious and infectious diseases
    • Can come into contact with chemicals
    • Overexertion
    • Radiation
    • violence at work
  3. Elementary and middle school teachers X
    • Bacterial and viral infections
    • Threatened with injury
    • Repetitive stress injuries
    • Mental stress
  4. Cashiers X
    • Robberies
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Back pain
    • Swollen feet
    • Leg pain
    • Normal exposure to colds and flu
    • Shoulder and neck pain
    • Sleep problems (if working the night shift)
  5. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
    1. Nursing Aide X
      • Infection control
      • Back injuries
      • Hazardous materials
      • Repetitive stress injuries
    2. Psychiatric Aide X
      • Minor infections
      • Major diseases
    3. Home Health Aide X
      • Exposure to communicable diseases
      • Above average risk of infection

Occupational hazards of men’s top jobs:

  1. Construction X
    • Falls from working at height,
    • Crush injuries in excavation work,
    • Slips and trips,
    • Being struck by falling objects,
    • Moving heavy loads,
    • Bad working positions, often in confined spaces,
    • Being struck or crushed by a workplace vehicle,
    • Receiving injuries from hand tools,
    • Inhalation of dust,
    • Handling of rough materials,
    • Exposure to dangerous substances (chemical and biological),
    • Working near, in, or over water,
    • Exposure to radiation,
    • Loud noise,
    • Vibration from tools or vibrating machinery.
  2. Engineering X
    • The Operation of Plant Regulations and Approvals 
    • The Operation of Conveyors and Bulk Materials Handling Systems
    • The Operation of Winding and Lifting Plan
    • The Safe Operation of Mobile Plant
    • The Failure of Structures
    • Inadequate Operator Protection on Mobile Plant
    • Contact with Moving or Rotating Plant
    • Safe Access to Mechanical Plant and Structures
    • Inadequate Energy Dissipation and Isolation
    • The use of Fluid Power Systems
    • Circumstances Leading to Uncontrolled Fires
    • The Ignition of Flammable and Explosive Substances
    • Fire and/or Explosion Initiated by Plant in or Near Hazardous Zones or Hazardous Areas
    • The Handling, Transportation and use of Dangerous Goods
    • Exposure to Hazardous and Toxic Substances
    • Exposure to Noise, Vibration and Temperature
    • The use of Cutting and Welding Equipment
    • Working in Confined Spaces and Restricted Areas
  3. Police Officer X
    • Possibility of attack
    • Physically taxing tasks
    • Stresses of being exposed to negative events in the lives of others
    • Auto accidents while on duty either pursuing a suspect
    • Risk of being shot at or stabbed
  4. Firemen X
    • Cancer
    • Burns
    • Damage to lungs from smoke
    • Falling
    • Physical strain
  5. Electricians X
    • Exposure to lead, solvents, solder, and other toxic materials.
    • Risk of electrical burns and fatal electrical shock.
    • Increased risks of injury from working in confined spaces.
    • Exposure to toxic welding fumes and ultraviolet radiation.
    • Exposure to extreme temperatures with attendant risks of frostbite and heat stress.
    • Injury from work in awkward positions, repetitive manual tasks, and lifting heavy objects.
    • Exposure to toxic molds, fungi, and bacteria.
    • Risk of infections and diseases from exposure to bird or rodent droppings.
    • Risks of falling from working at heights.
    • Risk of eye injury from flying particles.
    • Injuries from slips, trips and falls.
    • Injuries from working with hand tools, power tools and equipment.
    • Stress and risk of increased injury from shift work or extended work days.
    • Exposure to asbestos with attendant risks of cancer and lung disease.

As you can see, the jobs men take more often have a high risk of death and serious mental stress. The jobs that women take more often have a low risk of death and have instead minors risks such as body aches and disease. From the top five jobs by gender, you can see women tend to take safer jobs while men tend to take more dangerous jobs. The danger of those jobs must be taken into account and the people working in those dangerous jobs must be compensated.

The wage gap you hear about is an average of the entire nation. It does not represent a man and a woman in the same job field. It represents every single man and every single women in the USA. That is why it is called average. As you can see, women tend to take lower paying jobs while men tend to take higher paying jobs.

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If you really are getting paid less because you’re a woman you can sue your boss or company and there is a very high chance that you will win your case.

Yes, THIS^

If there’s something illegal happening to you and all you do is whine on Tumblr instead of reporting it like you can and should…the only one holding you back is you. Not the “patriarchy” not “men”…you.

^This. Also if you can prove that here’s what you do to “balance the scales.” Hire a Lawyer and sue for sexual discrimination. It’s illegal and you will probably wind up a millionaire.


Anonymous asked:

that anon saying "pan means trans people too" is so, SO wrong. bisexual covers that BECAUSE TRANS PEOPLE ARE MEN AND WOMEN, not some mystical new gender. it's othering and it's disgusting.




That’s what I have been wondering about the whole time.

But apparently, trans-gender is a special gender, so that if you’re attracted to a transsexual, you can’t call yourself bi anymore?

Is that what pansexual is?

Ok, but some bisexual people may not be attracted to transgender people. And then there are also nonbinary people as well, which some bisexual people may not be attracted to.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole bi/pan thing, but there certainly isn’t agreement between all bisexuals.

Why can’t people just do want they want with who they want without all this unnecessary crap…

I think your anon is a bit confused, and should try learning a bit about the difference between sex and gender, and gender expression. I’ll give a sparknotes cover here, sorry if it’s a bit disorganized, my thoughts tend to do that a lot.

I should preface by saying that this is an academic consensus about bisexuality, but there are a LOT of people who dissent from this for a lot of reasons.
The thing is, many trans people identify as a different gender than the traditional/biological male/female binary. It’s why new terms such as genderqueer among others have come into usage.

Now, bisexuality isn’t directly related to that, it is an attraction to both sexes, not genders. Sex is biology while gender is psychology, and can have all of the nuances that you can imagine and then some.

As for Pan, I’ve always seen Pan as part of the romantic spectrum and that it isn’t necessarily a sexuality. When I refer to myself as pan what I’m really saying is “I’m Bisexual Panromantic but that’s kind of a mouthful so I just say that I’m Pan, since being bisexual is kind of a prerequisite to being panromantic.” On the other hand, some bisexuals feel that this is a bit of subtle biphobia that implies that bisexuals are somehow inherently transphobic. We aren’t.

As for myself, I will use bi or pan interchangeably depending on my gauge of how well the people I’m talking with understand sex and gender differences.

Bisexual people are attracted to Both sexes, Sex does not equal gender, they are two completely different things. Gender expression has a majorly increasing number of expressions. Being bisexual doesn’t necessitate being romantically attracted to all of them. The romantic spectrum better defines which gender expression you are attracted to. Also I object to mixing Latin and Greek roots so there’s that too.

In the end, it’s really just a labeling game, and it’s become highly politically charged, leading to many people to simply dump the labels altogether.


"I support feminism because it is still not OK for a woman to go into a mens locker room"

As blatantly ridiculous as this statement is, it is still incredibly hard to argue against without being somewhat hypocritical.

On one hand I don’t believe that all men are rapists or perverts. On the other hand, I still don’t want men in the same room as me dressing or showering. You could argue that if I truly believed the first statement, than there would be no logical explanation as to why I would claim the other. 

But really, I’m more comfortable getting dressed around girls because we generally have the same anatomy. Girls have breasts. They may come in different shapes and sizes but they are all generally the same thing. We all have the same problems that come with breasts, we have the same familiarity when it comes to breasts. I’m only comfortable getting dressed around girls because we are all familiar with the anatomy we have.

For the exact same reasons I have to admit that I would feel uncomfortable being in a locker room while a transgender female (who had not undergone sex reassignment surgery) was changing. I wouldn’t refuse to be in the same locker room, as I would want to accept her and who she is regardless of her body. At the same time, I simply cannot ignore the fact that I am uncomfortable with penises. I am not used to penises because I have no experience with owning a penis or using one or what it feels like to have one. I am uncomfortable because I am unfamiliar. 

I guess it could be the same for why many men are made uncomfortable by the idea of periods. For girls, it is a natural monthly part of life that we deal with and as a result we are quite comfortable with talking about it, hearing about it and empathising with other females about it. If it is such a natural and normal part of your everyday woman, then why would men be so uncomfortable? Ding ding. They are uncomfortable because they are unfamiliar.

I don’t care if you are a woman who is unfazed by being in a locker room with naked/showering changing men, and I don’t care if you are a man who is unfazed by being in a locker room with naked changing/showering women. You might be fine with seeing body parts, but that doesn’t give you the right to to be present while other people are naked and vulnerable. It doesn’t give you the right to make them uncomfortable. I have the right to feel violated if someone of the opposite gender walked in on me with my most intimate parts on display, parts that they don’t have and they aren’t familiar with.  

- fraudulentfeminist

How about we stop requiring that our kids get naked in front of each other as a regular school/cultural practice? I was never comfortable in the locker room no matter WHO was in it or what equipment they might have when I was younger. Now? I couldn’t give less of a damn, really.






Black and white twins 

I didn’t realize this was possible.


If you notice, most of their features are the same, the only difference is skin colour (ultra rare genetic twist).

I love genetics so much.

What the????

Interracial couples have fraternal twins? this happening isn’t as unlikely as you would think.  And damn it’s cute I mean aasGSJKLAGNSDF

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The automatic criminalization of black and brown bodies

Now hold on a sec I do INDEED have a problem with one picture but not the other.

In the TOP picture you can clearly see two hunting rifles and a mid-sized handgun, which are perfectly reasonable guns for a family to have, and it appears that all three people in the picture are legally old enough to at least have gone to a hunters safety course, which legally justifies the weapons being in their hands for certain purposes - hunting. Hand guns are carried by hunters to defend against bear attacks, should they happen, and by fishermen when fishing in lakes containing sturgeon … because the only way you’re killing a goddamned prehistoric dinosaur fish from hell is by shooting it (no joke).

Now the BOTTOM picture clearly contains only ONE child old enough to have gone through a hunters safety course … and not a single gun that is used for anything other than killing other human beings, and this I have a serious problem with. Guns that are intended ONLY for killing humans (the AR and AK series rifles, which are shown) with CHILDREN is a fucking problem.

Now, if they were hunting rifles in the bottom picture - you know, guns that are meant solely for the procurement of food - then I wouldn’t have an issue outside of the questionable ages of the children shown.

Really huge red flag on the bottom pic is the fact two of the kids clearly have their fingers ON THE TRIGGERS.

Its called trigger discipline. I’ve never been to any gun safety classes and I know that much.

Oh and the fact that as far as I can tell, the guns in the top picture are AIR GUNS. I had 2/3 of those pictured when I was a kid. I doubt the bottom ones are real but fuck they could be.

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